Jan. 22nd, 2017

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Drew has this laser pointer that he keeps in the top drawer of his desk, and I found it amusing, during our visit last Thanksgiving, that Mocha Bean—a Brown Lab of impressive size—would often simply sit down beside the desk and stare wistfully at the drawer.

This was done in the hope that Drew would unleash the power of the pointer at the floor, whereupon Mocha—together with Laska, a German Shepherd/Husky mix, would engage in a for-earnest chase of the elusive red dot, accompanied by Diesel (a Rotweiler) who really didn't give a fig about the laser dot, but really enjoyed the rough-and-tumble of the proceedings.

I mention this because I had to get a UV flashlight at Fry's yesterday, and part of the functionality of said flashlight was a laser pointer mode.

"Aha!" I thought to myself, "Just the thing for Shiloh and Thumper!"

The festivities started with my training the red dot on the couch upon which Shiloh had ensconced herself, in a location where she could not fail to notice it.

Reaction? Nada.

I moved the dot out of her field of view.

Reaction? Nada.

Thumper came into the living room, so I directed the dot onto the floor in front of and slightly to the side of his path. For a second, Thumper looked at the dot, approached it, sniffed at it, and then—having decided it was neither a threat nor a source of food—proceeded on his was.

And I had such hopes... :)


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