Feb. 12th, 2017

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This was not as active a day as I had hoped, but active enough.

I have finally set up a rudimentary office at the Seabrook house, i.e., my work computer is hooked up to only one external monitor, and the printer and the ScanSnap will wait until tomorrow.

I'm watching a lot of television, particularly the "31 Days of Oscar" on Turner. This afternoon, they broadcast How The West Was Won, which I recall was one of the few films my parents went to see when it first came out. Unlike today, where so many appear to have the wherewithal to go see first-run films at will, back in the day—at least in our social stratum—going to the movies was an event.

Like the time my stepdad took me to the theater in Glen Cove to watch Patton.

I, personally, found it somewhat shocking to hear certain words from the screen (not as if I'd never heard them, just not on any screen, large or small), and I was constantly aware of just how intently my stepdad was following the movie. He thought very highly of Patton, apparently.

My sleep hygiene is completely shot. Galina and I stopped by Rivera's Sal-Mex restaurant and split a serving of caldo before proceeding to pick up some things at the Webster house, but when we got there, I lay down and was out like a light in about 30 seconds. I slept for two hours. Tonight ought to be interesting, from the perspective of sleep.



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