Feb. 23rd, 2017

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I sent off the lone outstanding translation this morning, and then got lost "unpacking" a few boxloads of stuff I'd brought from the Webster house by dumping the boxes on the bed in my office).

In the afternoon, we made a run to the Webster house, where I loaded a couple of boxes of books into the trunk and we then stopped at the Half-Price Books on the way home to see what could be realized from selling them. As it turned out, the fellow who looked at the books "rejected" most of them, telling us, we could either take them back with us or let them donate them somewhere. The relatively small pile of books that the store did take off our hands netted a double sawbuck.

I tried to revive my LiveScribe pens over the past couple of days, but the OLED in both units is dead, dead, dead, and I suspect the same may be true for the rechargeable batteries in the pens. Curiously enough, of the LiveScribe pens available on eBay, quite a number are offered "as is," for parts. The units that look like they might actually work carry hefty, almost-brick-and-mortar price tags. Even more curiously, there is a lot of grumbling on the LiveScribe web site, to the effect that the pens often lose OLED functionality after a few years, and that the company's technical support is less than useless.

I installed the Domino's Pizza "skill" on my Alexa unit earlier this evening, so of course, you just know what Galina and I had for dinner. Lunch was even more exotic—sushi at the Ichibon restaurant in Kemah. (Love those spider rolls!)

Time to wind down. I plan on a busy tomorrow.


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