Apr. 1st, 2017

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March posting was kinda sparse. I'll try to do better this month.

My scheduled chemo was postponed because I showed up with a blood pressure that was so low, I was frankly surprised I was still alive. The staff at MD Anderson appeared to concur, as they transferred me to the emergency room and pumped me full of liquid, but slowly. Once my pressure came back up to just "low," they let me go home.

The next available scheduling date for chemo for me was yesterday, and life got pretty interesting in the intervening week, as I learned to avoid certain motions so as to minimize the effects of new pain centers.

The one bright spot in all of this was the time I took Thumper for a walk on the local beach. Since the parking lot was full (it only accommodates about 20 cars), Galina let me start off with the dog as she sat off to the side and waited for someone to leave.

There were a number of dogs on the beach; most of them duly leashed, a few not. One of the latter group—it looked like some kind of terrier—came up to Thumper and they immediately went into the smell-each-other-while-turning-in-a-circle routine. After a few moments, they stopped and the other dog appeared to be thinking.

I believe he was trying to figure out an unequivocal way to show Thumper who was going to king in this relationship, because he stepped past Thumper and came up to me.

And tried to piss on my leg.

I, however, have been around the block a few times (y'dig?), so as his leg went up, so did mine. He missed. The owner shot up out of her beach chair with a horrified look on her face, and I don't know if it was because her pup had just tried to urinate on me, or because I was standing there, laughing like an idiot. Somewhere, I had read about stuff like this, and it came in handy. (Curiously enough, the other dog realized who was king in "this" relationship, because as we walked back along the beach to the car—nobody had left—the pup retreated in a backward walk from the two of us.

So yesterday was a chemo day, using a new cocktail of drugs. It took darn near forever, but the job got done.

I feel much better. I'll feel better tomorrow.



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