Apr. 8th, 2017

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So while Galina and I were visiting the other house on Thursday, I happened to notice Natalie's crockpot (an item I've had my eye out for) and brought it back to Seabrook. And yesterday, even though it was nearly noon, I set about making baby back ribs.

The meat market down the street provided the ribs and the barbecue sauce, and a side trip to Arlan's netted a bag of low-salt potato chips, crockpot liners, and some spices.

I religiously followed the instructions posted at the Stay-At-Home Chef, and came away with the following lessons learned.

First, it did not occur to me that different crockpot devices operate differently on the "low" setting (although in retrospect, it should have). The instructions at the link above suggested cooking the ribs for about 8 hours, but I got started so late in the day, my ribs only cooked for about 7 hours or so. It was enough, and for the ribs at the bottom of the pot, more than enough.

And it is this second item that concerns me. When I took the top rack of ribs out of the pot, the meat was not exactly "falling off the bone," but certainly edible. Of the four racks I had in the pot, the bottom rack was hugely past "falling off the bone," in the sense that any attempt to remove the product garnered me individual pieces of meat and rib bones.

Still, it was edible.

There is something going on with my taste buds these days, by the way. I took a slice of cantaloupe earlier this afternoon, and my perception of the taste was that it wasn't sweet, but salty sweet. Galina tried some of what I had cut up, and said that she tasted no salt (which I fully expected to be the case), so I don't know what to think. Or eat, for that matter.

One thing is for sure—I'll not be chowing down on cantaloupe any time soon.



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