Apr. 29th, 2017

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A while back, I found out there exists something called the "France and Colonies Philatelic Society" and, being in the mood to expand my horizons, I visited their web site and downloaded their membership application.

The whole idea of a membership "application" sort of surprised me, as it seems to me the modern era has given inordinate weight to numbers and revenue, i.e., collect membership dues with scant regard for who is paying them. I thought, as I was downloading the document, that perhaps this was the kind of application that, in effect, says "Here, breathe on this mirror," with the result being acceptance if said mirror fogs. In other words, a formality.

I was mistaken. The application actually went so far as to ask for references!

Anyway, about three weeks ago, I sent off the completed application, a completed questionnaire, and a check to the address stated at the bottom of the application. About ten days ago, I revisited the web site and noticed that the address of the "corresponding secretary" (to whom I had sent my application package) had changed, and I was pretty sure that information had not appeared on the page when I had visited it previously.

So, I left a question using the site's comment feature, asking whether one could expect mail to be forwarded from the old address to the new address. Upon posting my question, I was informed that my comment was awaiting moderation.

It is still awaiting moderation.

In the meantime, I've been assiduously checking the mail for my original envelope, marked something along the lines of "Returned; forwarding order expired," and peeking at my checking account online to see if the check has been cashed (in case the letter had actually been forwarded). No joy. And the size of the check is too small to make a stop payment order practical.

Now, there is nothing to say that membership in the F&CPS is not worth it, but let me tell you, my enthusiasm has, um, flagged significantly in the intervening period.

In the end, the universe is doubtless unfolding the way it should, so it's all good.



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