May. 1st, 2017

Well, okay!

May. 1st, 2017 05:42 pm
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That to those who thought I could not get through a month and post every day!

True, not every post was a model of deep thinking, but the important part of the exercise was to post every day—to move toward reacquiring the habit, so to speak.

Today is May Day, which flags the start of a holiday "season" in Russia and pretty much guarantees a pretty quiet week, translation-wise.

I have erected a fourth shelf in my office, poor slave to the printed word that I am. There is room for one more shelf, should I feel compelled to "expand" my, um, horizons.

After having squeezed everything I think I can out of Lynne Kelly's The Memory Code (descriptions of what may very well be "memory spaces" in various pre-literate societies around the world started to pall, after a while), I turned to her web site and found a treasure trove of information there. In a response to a blog comment, she describes how she went about memorizing the birds in her locale, which was both fascinating and understandable by yours truly (to the point where I may apply her technique to a passion of mine—mushrooms!).

More later, maybe.



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