May. 20th, 2017

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Alla and I went over to the Webster house to oversee the second day of the garage sale. Like good citizens, we had collected our signs from yesterday, so we had to put them out again today, and we arrived at the house at a couple of minutes past 8 am, the appointed time we were to meet the lady who had organized the shebang. She eventually arrived about 45 minutes late, during which time almost nobody stopped by.

By the end of the day, a dent had been made in the stuff literally in the garage (tools, pots, etc.) but nobody seemed to be interested in the furniture or other items we had on sale inside the house. Next time, I think we'd be better served by signs that say either "moving sale" or "estate sale" (despite the fact the latter gives me the willies).

Once home, I took a nap that I'm pretty sure was more of a short sleep session. By the time I rose, Alla had managed to put together a rather large pot of her understanding of what борщ (borshch) should be. It's not quite the same soup as what Galina makes, but it's darn good. (Which is better, you ask? Do you really expect me to answer that?)

After dinner, I sat down and "turned to" translation, getting about half of it done. Although I do not feel sleepy, I honestly just don't want to keep working right now, either.

Maybe I'll read something.


P.S. It would appear Bitcoin barreled past the $2000 level today. I wonder if it will stay there?


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