May. 23rd, 2017

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Well, part of it went to finishing the editing job, which would have gone a bit faster if the translator were to deign to look at my edits, but I'm told that ain't gonna happen in this plane of existence.

What is completely wild is that none of my edits have anything to do with translation per se, as the document was translated from Armenian, a language whose written form I can barely recognize, much less understand. Therefore, the only edits being made are for the purpose of making the English a bit smoother, e.g., "to conduct monitoring of radiation levels" became "to monitor radiation levels."

A bunch of time was spent in the afternoon getting a rental car, and we paid for our tardiness by going over budget for a higher class of car. (Secretly, I'm happy.)

After loading the truck with a bunch of stuff from the garage and the house, the guys we rely on for the heavy lifting came over to move a bunch of stuff from the garage to replace the stuff we took out of the house. I helped a bit, but I'm still physically weak.

Dinner was spaghetti with pesto and a nice fennel-and-mushroom salad. I should sleep well tonight.



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