May. 24th, 2017

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I got a pretty late start, leaving the Seabrook house at a little past 9:30 am. I made a lot of stops along the way, so after 11-1/2 hours, here I am in Lubbock, a little more than about 550 miles "downrange" from my starting point.

My initial plan for the day was to drive west on I-10 to Fort Stockton, and then head north on (I think) highway 285, past Pecos to Carslbad. Instead, once I got to Katy, I asked Google maps for a route, and ended up going "cross country" through places with names like Lampasas, Goldthwaite, and Sweetwater until ending up here.

The arrangement of my carefully packed stuff (a duffel in the truck's cargo compartment and my messenger bag, toilet kit, and fanny pack in the cab) didn't entirely suck, but it gave me a few bad moments. That, and finding myself in the middle of nowhere when I noticed that my fuel gauge was pointing squarely at "Empty" and neglecting to check "avoid toll roads" in Google Maps made for a somewhat stressful mid-day.

Anyway, I'm here and it's about a quarter to eleven. It's high time I hit the rack.



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