May. 29th, 2017

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What with all of the running around yesterday in preparation for and attending the wedding, personal items have been left behind in spaces that, on the one hand, are under the control of family, and on the other, not within walking distance.

Today fixed most of that.

Breakfast was at our condo. I picked up Natalie at around 8:30 am and we hit Trader Joe's for the vittles, the menu of which included French toast and bagels with cream cheese and lox. Our plan for the day was to have no plan for the day.

Drew and his family left for Pagosa, as tomorrow is a work day for Drew and a school day for the kids. Kyle's mom and his brother's family went off to do their own thing, whereas Natalie joined Galina, Alla, and me for a walk around the Plaza, where there were a lot of small vendors hawking their wares.

I was on the lookout for a Kokopelli kachina figure, with no luck (although my search was not very rigorous). The figures range in size, detail, and (I assume) skill of execution. A small, 8-inch figure ran for $25; a larger figure, probably 18 inches tall, was priced at over $1,000.

Our walk was curtailed by looming storm clouds and a cold wind, complicated by general fatigue. Natalie and I walked back to where the car was parked at her hotel and I then returned to the Plaza area to pick up Galina and Alla. Upon returning to the condo, I took a nap.

Dinner was hosted at the condo as well, and so earlier in the afternoon, we all hit up Trader Joe's for more stuff, including some Korean-style marinated rib meat (which was actually pretty good) and veggies, which we intended to grill. However, the condo garnered some gigs when we found out that both canisters of gas out by the grill were empty.

So we improvised.

Part of the improvisation involved me and Natalie going out to get some olive oil. We opted to visit the local Albertson's (instead of making a third trek to Trader Joe's) and came back with all sorts of goodies... and no olive oil. Go figure...

Dinner went off well (if you don't count Natalie burning a couple of fingers checking the progress of rice), and it was topped off by servings of bread pudding that was to have been our dessert at yesterday's wedding dinner, except that what should have been served as dessert was pieces of the wedding cake, so the restaurant packaged the bread pudding to go. A win-win all around, I guess.

We need to be out of here by 11 am tomorrow, after which it will be a swoop back north to Pagosa (with a stop to pick up the mutt).

This was a great weekend.



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