Jun. 1st, 2017

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It occurred to me yesterday that I better put shoulder to wheel about getting together with Feht, else miss the opportunity entirely. So I called him this morning, and as it happened, he was free (work is apparently slow throughout the entire English–Russian–English translation ecosystem). So he came by to pick me up and introduce me to a new (for me) place in town, a brewpub called "Riff-Raff."

The beer was okay, as was the food, and we shot the breeze for a while. Nothing earth-shattering. Lots of complaining about the lack of work, and I picked Feht's brain about selling stamps on eBay.

The beer induced an early afternoon nap, which I think is the first for a while, then another contractor came by to give us an estimate for what it will take to repair the damage and spiff the place up. Meanwhile, I left to join Mathew at the Recreation Center (a perk), but we really had no opportunity to bond, as he arrived with a school chum (which, at least in his case trumps grandpa... just an observation, not a complaint).

Dinner was at a local (or maybe the local) Italian place. I was still full from lunch, so it was a light dinner.

Upon returning from dinner, I sat down to finish 600 words of insurance stuff. It's done, now, so tomorrow morning, I shall eyeball what I've completed one last time and send it off, leaving a 4400-word document left for sometime over the next week or so.

That ought to be fun.

Meanwhile, right now is an excellent time to hit the rack. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day, or else!



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