Jun. 2nd, 2017

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The highlight of the day came in the morning, when Alla made borshch over at Drew's place, with Huntur observing.

Stuff sort of devolved into a strange setting, with Drew reporting for work late because the truck from Durango was late (which means he'll probably be coming home around midnight), Shannon going off to get a car windshield repaired, and Huntur requiring a ride downtown to her high school to pick up her yearbook. With Mat in school, that left just Alla and me to sample to soup when it was finished cooking.

The end product was quite good (I sampled a bit before driving Drew and Huntur to their destinations), though I was a bit puzzled by why Huntur was not taking notes while it was being prepared.

We all got together in the middle of the afternoon and had proper bowls of the soup. My first impression was right on the money. The soup is qreat!

Galina was intent on getting some information from appliance repair folks, so I ended up at the house working on a translation. Dinner was impromptu—shrimp and salad.

Enough fun for one day. Time to go to bed.



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