Jun. 13th, 2017

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Some work came in this morning and was completed in good order. Then, around lunch time, I floated the idea of going to Sam's Club to refill some prescriptions and pick up some coffee, an idea to which Alla reacted favorably, with a request to stop by a pet store and pick up some items for the animals.

We ended up stopping by a computer repair store, which informed me that it would probably cost around $500 to replace the faulty screen on the MacBook Air that Natalie had given to me in Santa Fe, which makes purchasing a refurbished unit for about a hundred dollars less look pretty attractive.

We then stopped by the pet store, then at Sam's. There, I experienced a problem logging into the "Scan N Go" app, and the pharmacy informed me that one of the items I was renewing would require overnight fulfillment, so we decided to come back tomorrow to get everything at once (and I managed to unscrew the login problem once I got home).

We then took off for the Russian General Store, where we picked up some goodies, and then, on the way back, I decided to stop by Dromgoole's (for me) and a Japanese store over in Houston's so-called "Chinatown" district (for Alla).

Lots of driving, let me tell you. But it was worth it.



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