Jun. 16th, 2017

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Last July, I stopped by my go-to auto repair place (Hare Repair, over on Star Lane) to have my air conditioning looked at and was told that the relay in the compressor had given up the ghost, and that I'd need a new compressor. As compressors don't come cheap, I chose to use the old open-both-windows-while-driving-in-the-heat method of getting around, and tried to minimize any need to get around.

Yesterday, Galina and I decided it was time to bite the bullet, so this morning, I took the car back in to Hare, loins steeled for a whopping bill.

Jim, who appears to run the place, came in a little while later and told me that whoever had looked at the car last year had been mistaken, and that the faulty relay was actually not part of the compressor, and that it cost a mere $20 or so. Thus, my bill would be a lot smaller than I expected.

I celebrated by stopping at Dromgoole's and the Thai place on the way home. The former, because I find it pleasant to wander around Larry's emporium (even if I don't buy anything, plus I learned something about the pricing of the fabulous Pilot Iroshizuku line of ink); the latter, because they have a pretty good buffet that includes pad thai.

I felt positively decadent on the rest of the drive home, with cool air circulating in the Honda's passenger compartment.

Once home, I unpacked the television that we had bought for the New York house, found that it was network ready, and proceeded to set it up in my bedroom. No Digital OTA, no cable, just whatever I can manage over Wi-Fi and hard disk storage.



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