Jun. 17th, 2017

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I picked up one of these a couple of visits to Dromgoole's ago and finally got around to unwrapping it a few minutes before starting this post. It did not take me long to determine that the product is basically your Mark One Leuchtturm1917 notebook, with 9 pages sacrificed to providing a description of the Bullet Journal system. The only other physical difference I can identify is the presence of three (instead of two) page markers sewn into the binding of the BJ edition. The description is probably a little too lightweight for anyone seriously considering learning to BJ, and personally, I don't use page markers but once in a blue moon.

I bought the notebook because (a) I was curious to see what BJ-specific features it offered and (b) I've decided that the Traveler's Notebook I currently use doesn't let me BJ the way I understand BJing.

The TN is great for notes on the fly, for referring to lists of various kind, and for holding business cards, postage stamps, and so on, but try as I might—and okay, I have not exhausted every possibility, but I've put in a good effort—I cannot capture the same totality of what needs capturing in terms of activity as was the case when I started BJing with the LT1917.

My plan is to start using the LT1917 format again, and to use the TN as a sort of carry-around scratch pad, noting down what has to be done along with any items that need to go back into the LT1917 notebook. This has the beneficial side effect of allowing me to leave the notebook at home, precluding the possibility of losing it while out and about, thus freeing me to put every manner of information in it. (I lost track of my Franklin Planner at New York's JFK airport once, and despite the fact that it was returned to me, the experience scarred me.)

So I will likely start using the LT1917 for BJing as if tomorrow, and will be curious to see if my overall productivity improves as a result.



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