Jun. 21st, 2017

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Somewhere around this time is the one-year anniversary of taking the concealed carry course, so I thought it appropriate to hie myself to the Top Gun indoor range up near Hare Repair to put a box of rounds through my pistol. Alla came along, too.

As I expected, the place was not crowded during the late morning on Wednesday. My best "score" (nothing formal, just eyeballing) occurred during slow fire at a distance of 15 yards. Rapid fire at 10 yards came in second.

Afterward, we ate lunch at a place called "India's," which had a nice brunch set out for its customers. Both Alla and I really enjoyed it.

Upon returning home, I took care of some translation business and sat down to a simple dinner (it had to be simple, as I think I was still feeling a bit full from lunch).

As an aside, I must compliment Samsung on the symmetrical design of their USB cable for the S8. No more fumbling with asymmetrical connectors trying to figure out which side is which (and risking damage to the connector in the phone). That said, I get the feeling that procuring a "backup" cable may not be cheap.

Galina appears to have renegotiated the price for the proposed work to be done on the house (covering both wear-and-tear and tenant-related damage). I'm hoping to get a more detailed scope of work tomorrow by email.

I should probably get ready to wind down the day. It was a good one, and I'm grateful for them all.



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