Jul. 5th, 2017

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We learned that, of the at least dozen or so members of Our Little Group™, two couples actually made it to the restaurant yesterday. Personally, I thought that setting up a dinner party in Kemah on the Fourth of July (at a buffet restaurant that does not take reservations, no less) was a bit outrĂ©, but I decided to hold my peace. In the end, everything turned out well.

I'm on Steve Barnes' mailing list and recently received an email in which he states "we now have seven reviews on Amazon! As I've said, when we get to twenty the algorithm treats the book differently, and with greater respect. Only thirteen to go!" (my emphasis). I shall have to do a little digging about the part I've italicized.

From the same email:
When I got back down to L.A. in 2005, I was eager to pick [up] my career. My agent [...] gave me some horrid news: freelancers were no longer hired for television shows. It was all written by staff. And they didn't hire anyone for staff over the age of forty.
Interesting news, though not germane to my own dreams and goals.



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