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I was pretty focused on my work last night, and so didn't really have the time (or inclination) to muse about what's been going on generally.

Moneybookers finally came through with the transfer to our checking account a mere 5 business days (7 calendar days) after my request, so I'll keep this in mind for the future. In this regard, they seem to be about as responsive as PayPal. Speaking of banks, I sent a fax to my bank in Pontarlier, but although eFax shows that it was delivered, I have not received a confirming email from them about it, nor have I heard back from the bank. I'll give it until Monday morning; if I haven't heard back by then, I'll call again.

I got some walking exercise in yesterday, from our real estate agent's office to the Borders bookstore near I-45, while Galina discussed various details about some imminent issues. We have a contract from one of our tenants, who had rented with an option to buy, and if everything goes well, we'll be free of the property in a few weeks and there'll be one less worry on my plate.

Apropos of Borders, I caught sight of an interesting book there the other day while browing, all about the use of self-watering containers for patio gardening. I got the gist of the method while skimming the book, so when Galina took me along to get some more landscaping soil yesterday (we've engaged two young ladies to landscape our current property), I bought two tomato plants ($5.99 + tax, each), both to try out the method, but also to scratch a very old itch, because I really miss summer gardening.

Getting back to exercise, the distance I walked was, according to Google Earth, just about 1.7 miles, and I got to Borders at just about the time that Galina did, so there was no time to browse. Later, after Galina went up to Natalie's to pick up a box of mail forwarded by Andrew, I walked to the Kroger and back for some stuff that, upon returning home, I had lost most of my appetite for.

Based on the way my weight has been behaving, I'm starting to believe that there are certain "quantum" levels that one's body will assume, and that it takes some bit of prodding, as it were, to move out of any given level. For quite a while, for example, I was hovering around 232 lb. and would quickly recover from occasionaly excursions of a few pounds. However, after about a week of too much food - my fault, no excuses - during last month's interpretation assignment, my weight shot up to 240 and is pretty much staying there, so it seems I'm back to square one.

In a way, it's good that Galina is planning to go to Pagosa (she was going to go today, but now it's looking like she'll leave tomorrow), because I find it a lot easier to not think much about food if there's nobody around to remind me "I'm hungry" from time to time.

I've been playing chess over my BlackBerry for a while, and it's not been very satisfying, as the opposition has been pretty weak. However, I've finally hooked into a position in the Alapin French that I should probably pay some attention to, when the opportunity affords itself this weekend. The Alapin is a distant cousin of the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit, which is to say: an aggressive opening for White that is easy for Black to go astray in, and I means for Black to go astray!

If I was under the impression that yesterday was a rest day, I was, um, misinformed. By the time I hit the sack, I had translated nearly 2700 target words during the day, which is a fair piece of work. Currently, the "state of the plate" is two documents, one of which arrived a few days ago, comprising 11,000 words, due Monday, and a second document that arrived this morning, 2,200 words, which has a Tuesday COB deadline. My best client, who was responsible for the 2700 words yesterday, will soon send along a few hundred more words, due for Monday.

The basic approach is straightforward: plan to do 4,000 words per day today and over the weekend, which should not be unduly difficult, except for maybe today, as it's very nearly 11 am and I haven't laid word one down on phosphor yet.

Time to go remedy that.

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When it became clear that no time could be spared over the weekend to go do anything, Galina tried to look on the bright side, saying "Well, nothing's to prevent you from taking a day off during the week!"

True enough, but let me add: Today was not that day.

I really didn't get much done, after a fitful night's sleep. I think I finally drifted off around 1 am, and I remember tossing and turning for a while after waking at 4:30 am, so I got up will less than jubilant enthusiasm when Galina shook my shoulder to have me print something that had arrived in her email.

She had an appointment downtown, so just as I was sitting down to the task of chasing some paper, she suggests that perhaps she could drop me off at some distance from the house, so that I could get some exercise walking back.

Why not?

She dropped me off at the McDonald's across from Baybrook Mall, after we ate breakfast. ("I though we were going to Starbucks?" I said, as we entered. "This is my Starbucks," she replied, as we got in line.) Then she took off.

The easy way home would've been to go back the way we had come, about 1.2 miles if Google Earth doesn't lie. Instead, I made my way on foot on Bay Area over I-45 to the Barnes & Noble, looked around for a bit, and then struck out along the I-45 frontage road toward Nasa Rd 1. Once there, I again took the overpass over I-45, heading home.

The rest of the way was pretty straightforward, and I worked up a good sweat. What I didn't like was the constant traffic coming from over my shoulder and having to keep my head down to keep from stepping on fire ant colonies.

In all, the walk was about 3.2 miles long, after which I showered and took a nap.

Just as I was sitting down to chase paper again after rising, Galina asked if I wanted to go meet the guy she hired to do some repair work on a property in Seabrook. How could I say no?

And so it went, to the property, and back, and here and there, and swizzle if I'm not tired again.

The translation plate was refilled again just before I napped, after two false starts (one job canceled almost as soon as it was assigned, as the document had already been translated, and another job that I was late in responding to, as the original query was not sent to my work email). In any event, the job that did materialize weighs in at more than 10,000 source words, due Monday. I should probably not let it sit, as I seem to be a fairly popular fellow during the weekends.

* * *
In other news, Ars Technica reports that the NFL may have stepped squarely into a cow pie of its own making when they sent a second DMCA takedown notice to YouTube over law professor (and EFF staff attorney) Wendy Seltzer's posting of a clip showing a copyright message from the NFL that aired during the Super Bowl:
This telecast is copyrighted by the NFL for the private use of our audience, and any other use of this telecast or of any pictures, descriptions or accounts of the game without the NFL's consent is prohibited.
(I'm tempted to publish an "account" of the Super Bowl here in my LiveJournal, in a couple of sentences, mentioning who played and who won, just to tweak the NFL for such an idiotic exaggerated statement of their rights, but I am so football-challenged that... well... I don't know who played or who won... nor do I particularly care.)

Anyway, it turns out the first time the NFL sent YouTube a DMCA takedown notice, Seltzer responded with a counter-notification, as provided for by the law, stating that YouTube had to replace the material if they receive a counter-notification asserting "good faith belief" that the material removal was a mistake.

According to the Ars Technica article, 12 days after the clip was restored, the NFL filed yet another takedown notice with YouTube for the clip, and YouTube complied once again. From the article:
This is where the saga starts to get messy. Seltzer's counter-notification—which was forwarded to the NFL from YouTube—clearly described her use of the clip as fair use: "an educational excerpt featuring the NFL's overreaching copyright warning aired during the Super Bowl." As Seltzer outlines in her blog post, the NFL's only option in response to her counter-claim would be to force her to remove the clip via court proceedings. This obviously did not happen, and instead, the NFL chose to ignore her claims completely. After receiving her counter-notification claiming fair use, sending another takedown notice over the same content is considered a knowing misrepresentation that the clip is infringing, according to DMCA section 512(f)(1).
In short, the NFL, it would appear, violated the DMCA with its second takedown notice!

This should be an interesting case to follow.
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The remaining 2,000 or so source words went down quickly this morning, and the work was out the wire by about 10:30 am. Invoices for both this job and the one finished yesterday went out soon after. Call it a half day of work.

I napped in the afternoon, while Galina went up to Natalie's to drop off a load of laundry, waking up just before she returned home.

I asked MoneyBookers to transfer money 5 days ago, but nothing has happened yet. My life won't turn on the amount transferred, but it would still be nice to know what method of "bank transfer" is used when withdrawing money. Right now, I'm suspecting they've sent a check, based on how long it's taking. At any rate, I've hit the MoneyBookers site and nudged them with an inquiry. Someday, knowing the ropes at MoneyBookers might turn out to be helpful.

Galina and I walked around the block yesterday, and today, I took the bike out for a spin, riding to the bank to deposit a small payment and then back. The traffic on Highway 518 was pretty heavy, making it a good idea to cross on foot, something I didn't do the first time I crossed (which, but for the grace of Providence, would have been the last time I crossed any street had traffic been slightly different). In any event, outside activities are going to become less and less attractive in the near term as the weather heats up.



Jun. 13th, 2006 04:59 pm
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I didn't get a spectacular amount of work done yesterday, due to my rather late start plus jockeying jobs from several clients around into an acceptable schedule. What finally fell into place was a rush job at the head of the line (to be finished tonight), followed by a couple of smaller jobs from the same client, followed by 5,000 source words to be split between tomorrow and Thursday.

I put an end to the work day fairly early yesterday when Galina called to say we were eating dinner at the kids' place. Over the dinner table, Galina mentioned that she needed to go to Durango today, and that therefore, I'd be needed at the store this afternoon.

Upon returning home, I elected to go to sleep early (and wake up early) rather than fire up the machine again to improve my paltry 1,200 word total for the day.

The target word count stood at just under 5,000 words as I left for the store (when you consider the interruptions - two major ones - that seems sort of miraculous). I have something like 15 pages left of pretty dense text, but then again some part of that will doubtless repeat some earlier text, but in reverse. I'm actually figuring that the final word count will be close to 8,000 words.

Biking to the store today was easier than it's ever been. I measure that informally, by a combination of the way I feel afterward and the settings on the shifters. Up until recently, the gradual uphill stretch along 160 between Meadows Drive and Pagosa Blvd allowed me a pretty nice pace in the "2-6" position without getting winded. Today, I was able to maintain the same pace in the "2-8" position.

Another 45 minutes or so left in the store, and then back to finish the rush job.



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