Feb. 4th, 2009 04:48 pm
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I found some curious code in a spam post here on the [livejournal.com profile] eeepc community. The post included buttons to "Delete the post" and "Delete the post as spam", but as far as I could see by looking at the HTML source, all the buttons do is redirect you to the spammer's site.

I copied and modified the code appropriately, to confirm that it does actually redirect your browser to another site when the button is clicked.


P.S. It does, but I'm not sure how useful the technique is, unless you want to create button links instead of ordinary text links.
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From a post by mutual LJ friend [livejournal.com profile] bekar (who takes the most marvelous pictures of Paris), I clicked a link to take a test of one's knowledge of Russian vocabulary:

Итак, ваш запас: Весьма похвальный результат, указывающий на вполне приличное владение языком
Пройти тест

The good news is that I turned in "a very commendable result, indicative of an altogether respectable command of the language." I feel, however, that as a native English-speaker, I had a secret advantage: despite the fact that all of the words in this multiple-choice quiz have doubtless been run past the eardrums and eyeballs of native Russians, a great many of the quiz words have Latin roots, which sort of gives the game away, at least to me.

* * *
In other news, I've got Sandy talking to Twitter and Jott. This should be interesting.

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I rarely do this kind of thing, but...

NerdTests.com says I'm an Uber Cool Nerd God.  What are you?  Click here!

In my defense, in the science fiction/comic category, it seems all the test is interested in is whether you watch TV shows, which I don't.

And I don't believe I'm writing this.

I'm 1500 words into the day. Time to take a quick shower and go visit the old man.



Apr. 3rd, 2007 01:27 am
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I lied about going to sleep... went to check out the friends' page, and again, Russian text displays like UTF-8 having a bad hair day.

So... a little test, using a paragraph from a "story" on Lenta.ru:
По данным британской газеты The Independent, захват британских моряков Ираном стал ответом на неудавшуюся попытку американских военных захватить на севере Ирака высокопоставленных сотрудников иранских спецслужб.

According to the British newspaper The Independent, the seizure of British sailors by Iran was a response to an unsuccessful attempt by the US military to capture high-ranking Iranian intelligence officers in northern Iraq.
Can I read the Cyrillic after posting? (We already know The Independent is full of it, and is trying to recycle January's news, but I digress...)


UPDATE (moments after posting): Hmmm. No problems reading this post. So why am I having the same problem (правильно) on two different machines using different browsers?

UPDATE (4/3/07): To clarify, I had no trouble reading my post, but still had problems reading Cyrillic on my friends page, unless I clicked on a special link I have that displays only a subset of posts by friends (leaving out communities). In any event, today, everything seems to display correctly, everywhere.


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