Mar. 4th, 2017

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So I woke up around 11 pm last night and spent another sleepless night, although there were a couple of places, there, where I likely dozed, as my subjective assessment of the passage of time did not match the actual passage of time (which was longer).

So I eventually got out of the rack at a few minutes to 6 this morning and here it is, nearly 12 hours later, and I haven't allowed myself to even get horizontal, much less nap/sleep. Another four hours or so, and I think I can allow myself to think seriously of rack drill. :)

* * *

So I have this new look, a result of the chemo playing havoc with my "coif":

My hair held out for a couple of weeks after the first chemo session, but then it started to fall out, in quantities that were noticeable (as in, having to pinch strands of hair off my tongue rather frequently, especially at night).

And while I could have probably held off on getting my hair cut in this style reminiscent of Marine boot camp from way long ago—I was much better-looking then, and somewhat dashing, if I say so myself—I figured that at least now, in hairless mode, I would stop taking rather sober selfies in the morning to chart the progression of hair loss, in which you would swear looked like morgue shots had they been taken with my eyes closed.

But enough of cheerful talk. :)

Galina has informed me that the larder is nigh empty, and has drafted me as manual labor (and informal advisor) for a shopping run.

Later, maybe.



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