Apr. 18th, 2017

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Two jobs have come in over the past few days, and they're both rather... cumbersome. The one I finished today (but not despeckled yet) involved working with 15 PDF drawings. The job that's "on deck" involves a bunch of scanned invoices.

I've gotten through what appears to be the explanatory section of The Memory Code, and unfortunately, the author gives only the broadest of brush strokes that hint at the mechanics of the memory techniques she is talking about. Fortunately, the author has a Web site that may yield more information, once I find the time to devote to "exploration."

The folks at MD Anderson have finally got it down. They want me to stop by a local facility of theirs tomorrow for blood work, so I don't have to get it done (and risk results not being ready) for my appointment later this week.

Meanwhile, it's time for rack drill.



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