Apr. 25th, 2017

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On the occasion of its 18th "birthday," LiveJournal is proudly informing its users of its (and my) "birthday statistics." To be frank, I was not particularly interested in knowing about LJ overall—I mean, I get that there have been tons of posts and tons and tons of comments, and that there are goobers of communities, and so on—but aside from occasional forays participating in "The Real LJ Idol," I'm happy to sit over on the side and just do my thing.

And so, it turns out that, since I joined LJ 16 years and 9 months ago (as LJer 6,291), I have written 8719 posts, and have responded to just about half of the nearly 12,000 comments left in those posts. (I frankly thought my percentage would be higher, but at least it isn't 10%, as was once claimed by someone from the Russian side of LJ.)

Hopefully, my run is far from over...


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