Apr. 26th, 2017

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Our home insurance carrier informed us a couple of years ago that the carrier would no longer underwrite homeowner policies in our area, and dumped us onto something called the Texas FAIR Plan Association, which ended up charging us 2–3 times what we had previously been paying to our carrier.

Well, today, that ended with calls to competing insurance companies, but it sure did take a long time talking to people on the phone and answering all sorts of questions (where most of the ones where we answered "Oh, golly! We don't have that information readily available" turned out to be something the agent we were speaking with could dig up on his computer at his end. In the end, we also switched auto insurance companies, as that activated a bunch of discounts.

Much of the rest of the day was spent going through boxes of stuff I've brought back from the Webster house. The three IKEA bookshelves I'm going to try to limit my books to is probably more than 90% full (which means I'll doubtless have to start winnowing shelved books from among the ones I thought I would be keeping).



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