May. 15th, 2017

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I was bummed to hear of Powers Boothe's passing. While I was not particularly a fan of his recent work, his portrayal of Philip Marlowe in the 1980s on HBO made a deep and lasting impression on me. As it turns out, at least some episodes from that HBO Noir series are available on YouTube (I just finished watching the episode titled "Trouble Is My Business").
In other news, our PODS (containing the stuff Galina packed from the New York house) was delivered today. The whole process of getting the container off the truck and onto our driveway went very smoothly and quickly. After the truck left, we ran into something of a snag because between Galina, me, and Galina's sister, we could not open the rolling door to the container, as apparently some of the cargo had shifted. Fortunately, by taking out an item at a time, we eventually cleared out enough space to allow Alla to crawl into a corner of the container and observe that the door was being prevented from opening by a couple of chair legs, the ends of which were embedding themselves in the door's corrugations at the point where the door was rolling up. Eventually, we got the door fully open.

All of the exertion took a toll on me, and when combined with the fact that I helped bring a washing machine upstairs (and the old one downstairs) and that Mondays after chemo have tended to find me a little on the puny side to begin with, I spent much of the rest of the day between lying in bed and wandering around the house like a zombie.

Seeing Boothe portray Marlowe has got me looking at my bookshelf, at the two-volume set of Raymond Chandler's work that I dip into from time to time. I think it will be next on my list of literature to reread in detail.



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