Jun. 11th, 2017

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We went by the Russian General Store over near South Braeswood to pick up some victuals for a meal that might remind Alla of home—pilmeni, herring, brine-pickled cucumbers, naturally fermented sauerkraut, crispy seaweed salad, some "Olivier" potato salad, and some Barcelona sausage.

Upon coming home, we boiled some potatoes and ate them with the herring, with some of the Olivier on the side. Yum!

The experience has initiated a flurry of kitchen activity, today involving the making of said Olivier salad, which is a traditional dish for out-of-the-ordinary meals (though today it was made for a quite ordinary supper). The recipe is not complicated, with perhaps the most time-consuming part of preparation being the dicing of ingredients to a uniform size, which was simplified in our case through the use of a kitchen implement. What seemed like an enormous quantity of salad doesn't look so formidable, now, after we've dug into it.

And just a few minutes ago, I went back down to the kitchen to replicate, from memory, a method Alla explained to me for making brine-pickled cucumbers (both Galina and Alla despise the taste of vinegar) that should provide a usable end product tomorrow afternoon.



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