Jun. 15th, 2017

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The day started off with a short translation, which turned out to be a Good Thing™, as Windows was taking its own sweet time upgrading my main machine with, apparently, the Creators Update to Windows 10. I was able to finish the assignment before the update was complete.

I then migrated over to the Webster house, to wait for a technician to come and do a detailed measurement of the windows we want to have replaced. Meanwhile, worthless bibliophile that I am, I disassembled and stowed one more IKEA shelf in the Corolla, for transport to Seabrook.

Once the tech left, I stopped by the Baybrook Mall to return a telephone screen shield that Galina didn't want, after which I meandered over to the food court for a quick lunch, which was a mistake. Not a landed-in-the-hospital kind of mistake, but an I-don't-believe-I-paid-money-for-this kind of regret.

Never again.

After a couple of more stops, I arrived home and napped. Then I spent time throwing more stuff out. Then I cooked dinner (steamed salmon with onions, vegetables on the side).

I do hope the nap isn't going to interfere with my sleep cycle. We'll see.



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