Jun. 24th, 2017

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Okay, so I've watched about six different YouTube videos on replacing the LCD on my Mac, and now it was time to put what I had learned (or not, as it turns out) to good use.

Removing the bezel turned out to be fairly simple, although a second pair of hands would've come in handy.

Removing the existing, cracked LCD was a little more complicated than I expected. First of all, for some reason, five of the seven screws initially gave the impression that they were not there because the places where the screws are located were covered with electrical tape. And there were screws in those locations, by the way. This amounted to a mere speed bump, however.

Next came the removal of the old LCD, and here is where stuff got, um, sticky.

The LCD is held in place by double sided tape, and between the fact that the LCD was profoundly cracked (which made removing it as a single piece well-nigh impossible) and my failing to exercise caution with my heat gun as I attempted to soften the adhesive (my bad), I managed to thoroughly screw up three of the five layers that lie behind the LCD whose purpose is to polarize, reflect, and diffuse the backlight.

I comfort myself only with the knowledge that the Plexiglas layer of this set of sheets was cracked as well and will require replacement. A session with eBay finds that replacements are available, but they cost more than the LCD.

Ah, well. I shall make a project of this, and when I am through, I will have the satisfaction of having accomplished what few would think of undertaking (mostly because those who are not part of that "few" are sane, reasonable individuals, but I digress...).

* * *

Galina decided to leave for Houston today instead of tomorrow, which is good news, but the reason for her earlier-than-planned departure was that she felt poorly, presumably because of the altitude. I told her to consult a doctor, she said it wasn't necessary. Grrr.



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