Sep. 15th, 2017

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It might even be said I felt completely human today.

Alla and I hit the Einstein Brothers place near Bay Area and El Camino to scratch a certain bagel–cream-sheese–lox itch, after which we went to the Webster house, which showed no signs or aromas of lingering mildew. A check of the Home Depot shipment tracking suggests the floor covering we ordered will arrive next Monday or Tuesday.

A pile of work arrived today. I got the immediate stuff out of the way first (after breathing a prayer of thanks that it wasn't very large in size), leaving the rest to be done some time this coming weekend, which I think is feasible.

Alla and I got to talking about various television shows we watch, and in the end, said she is surprised I have not watched any episodes of Game of Thrones, as she thought it would match my taste in shows. So, I suppose, just for laughs, I shall track down the first season and give it a try, but not over the next few days, as I have a pile of stuff to do (and not all of it translation).



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