Sep. 18th, 2017

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Both translations have been sent, and invoices so far this month are looking good.

Speaking of translation, I still get "bacn" (which I look at as low-value email you agreed to receive—such as notifications from social media sites or sellers you've bought stuff from—that might actually be of interest every once in a while) from (a site for translators and interpreters). The vast majority of such communications are of the "jobs" category, which wouldn't actually be a bad thing, except for the fact that the amount of information in the email message is far short of what's needed to properly consider whether a job is worth applying for.

Let me amend that last: It's been years since I've received any email of value from the site, simply because it's devolved into a place where customers seek—and typically get—work done for rock-bottom, cut-rate prices. A couple of years ago, in fact, one of my clients mentioned that, based on historical performance, any candidate translator who includes membership with the site in their CV advances to just one step short of being rejected for assignments.

That said, this morning, I received two such emails, minutes apart, looking for someone to translate a software manual for a C++ library (read: computer programming). The difference? The first message stated a completion deadline of the 23rd; the second, of the 20th.

That's one heck of an acceleration in the schedule. (Good luck with that!)

In other news, I checked in with Home Depot, and as of about 9 am this morning, the shipment was still in Phoenix, but is now described as beingn "1 day away." Be calm my throbbing heart!



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