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I can only imagine how difficult it's going to be to fall asleep, since I pretty much slept the afternoon away. We'll see.

During the parts when I was awake, I completed and sent off a translation assignment and looked at some stamps featuring La semeuse (The sower), who first appeared on definitive stamps in 1903. In addition to there being quite a number of denominations and colors, there are also a number of known subtypes that are within reach of the ordinary collector.

I also learned about a feature that had eluded me. It turns out that, among early French stamps, red was used to print stamps for the standard first-class letter rate; blue, for stamps used on letters posted to foreign destinations; and green, for stamps used for second-class mail, postcards, and newspapers. That said, those were not the only three colors used to produce stamps.

It's getting kind of late. I should probably hit the rack and be prepared to read myself to sleep.

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