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And what else did we do?

Cleaned off the stuff in front of and on the credenza. Cleaned off the stuff on the bridge table.

Accompanied Galina and Alla to do food shopping. Picked up some tempeh, among other things. I was not sure I'd ever eaten it, so I prepared some this evening, heated in a skilled with oil and soy sauce with some kale and a few chopped Kalamata olives. I found it quite satisfying.

If I am to make a fundamental change in my diet in the direction of plant-based sustenance, I will find myself having to learn a whole new set of culinary skills. Last weekend, while tooling around the area, we stopped at a new (to us) place called Snap, which sells prepared, prepackaged food, and they have a pretty substantial stock of vegetarian meals. We picked up a couple to get an idea of what kinds of foods go well with others, in what proportions and cooking methods.

I am looking forward to preparing cauliflower and kale this weekend, along with peppers and olives. I also plan to think of other things to do with tempeh.

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