Jul. 13th, 2017

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As I have no systematic way of looking for publishable stuff "embedded" in roughly 8800 journal posts over the past 17 years (short of actually going through them, one by one, which would take just over one solid day of eyeball time if one assumes an average review rate of 10 seconds per post), I find myself relying on items that rise to conscious awareness like bones in a stew.

So that my "baker's dozen" collection of fiction stories has now grown out of its stated limit (unless I get rid of an equal number of stories that were already included in the collection).

In other news, enough work came in this morning to prevent me from joining Galina and Alla on a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts. Feels just like old times, to some extent.

I also made up for "breaking training" yesterday by taking the dogs for a one-hour walk this morning.

Which reminds me... I need to feed and walk them, like, right now!



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