Sep. 5th, 2017

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Two items on my to-do list sort of took on a life of their own and reached out to me before I could reach out to them. First—and most important—I got a call from MD Anderson, which apparently is back up and running, to let me know they would schedule me for the earliest possible chemo slot (not exactly what they said, but close enough).

Second, I received news of a package I sent off almost two weeks ago from Colorado. You see, I finally bit the genealogical bullet and sent off a DNA sample for analysis to an outfit that, as it turned out, is headquartered in Houston. I was starting to wonder if, perhaps, the envelope with the swab tips had been lost in the mail (i.e., the hard way, via water damage), but an incoming email informed me this morning of the arrival of said envelope.

Galina and I had planned to set off for Colorado together after my chemo, but an Airbnb client put the kibosh on that idea. (Seriously, I don't understand why we even considered going off to Colorado together.) Anyway, Galina's been getting ready for most of the day, and I expect she will take off tomorrow morning for Colorado. Me, I'm going to have to deal with the Webster house (and possibly Natalie's rental over on the other side of town) and the usual madness around here, including keeping a host's eye on the Airbnb client.

Translations have been sent. Translation invoices have been sent. An editing assignment has been received and I am already thrilled that the translator is not at all sure of the difference between a radiation source and... enough of that! (It's really going to take some serious effort for me to get over my propensity to complain about stuff. I really need to let that stuff go...)



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