Jun. 26th, 2017

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Happy birthday to my LiveJournal account, which turns 17 today!

According to the profile genie, in that time, I've made 8,790 journal entries.

There's got to be a book or two in there, somewhere. :)

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It took quote some time, and I was considering bugging someone about it, but the official notification of my membership in the France & Colonies Philatelic Society was delivered in today's post. I don't know what held up my application for over two months, but it doesn't matter, now.

Among the materials were two issues of this year's volume of the France and Colonies Philatelist, which I look forward to perusing in some depth once I get some "spare" time.

The editing job went smoothly, and my panic at the meager scope of this month's billable work was assuaged somewhat, once I hunkered down and filled in the blanks for some assignments that were delivered when they were due, but for which I had not recorded essential billing data (word counts, hours spent, etc.). The month is still a far cry from putting me on "easy street," but it will do.

I'm due for blood work tomorrow, in advance of my follow-up later in the week. Gotta make sure I get plenty of rest.



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