Jun. 10th, 2017

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Aside from a natural tendency toward sloth, one of the main reasons my stamp collection remains unorganized is an inability to find the right media (if that's the right word) for organization.

A traditional album will not do the trick, mostly because preprinted pages make certain assumptions about what stamps you have (or may acquire in the future), which are not valid for the kind of collection I have, and while blank pages are generally available, in any case I find the size of the album format to be a bit too large for my taste.

The same can be said for the stock books to which Feht introduced me (which he uses for his collection), with the added down side of having to deal with glassine interleaves and the horror or watching one's carefully arranged stamps become dislodged and possibly even fly about like snowflakes in the event the book is knocked to the floor.

I recently tried mounting stamps in an A5 Rhodia notebook, the size of which really appeals to me, but as anyone who inserts lots of notes between the leaves of a bound notebook can attest, eventually the notebook starts to bulge and become unwieldy.

So it would appear I should look for something that's about the same size, but in a loose-leaf format, and it occurred to me yesterday, that one of my old Franklin planners ought to fit the bill. I did a little shuffling, and found a file envelope containing quite a large number of blank pages for the "Compact" Franklin planner. After a little additional digging, I unearthed a beat-up (but still functional) binder for those pages.

(As an aside, for reasons I cannot currently fathom, there were a couple of photographs stuck in the end pockets of the binder, from among the photos in my stepfather's "memories" box, and as I ran my eyes over the dedications inscribed on the backs of the photos, I happened to notice that an acquaintance of my stepfather's—a man named John—had scrawled a short message, a city name, and a date. What caught my eye was the date, which—if it was written in the typical European style of day, month, and year—happened to be the exact day and year of Galina's birthday! I found the coincidence noteworthy.)

And what do I see right next to the blank Compact pages? A whole lot of pages in "Classic" format! Which to use? Decisions, decisions...

I plan to take it medium-slow with mounting stamps in my DIY "album." Hopefully, it will look good when I'm finished.

It has otherwise been a lazy day chez nous. I could get used to this.



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