Sep. 1st, 2017

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As we drove up to the Webster house yesterday, we were encouraged by the lack of structural debris—such as soggy carpet and wet sheet rock—piled in front of houses on our street. And the interior of the house looked okay through the front windows.

Alas, upon opening the door, it was clear that something had been wet for a couple of days, and an on-the-knees inspection revealed a swath of wet carpet about 6-8 feet wide extending from the back wall of the house. This affected the living room, both of the smaller bedrooms, and a closet in one of those bedrooms. We removed all of that carpet today, which included the carpet in the dining room and in the corridors leading to the bedroom side of the house.

An inspection of the walls above wet sections of carpet showed no apparent damage, but I'm thinking it's likely there was some minimal wetting of the sheet rock. (We'll find out more tomorrow, when we remove the molding at the base of the wall.)

Compared to a whole lot of folks in the Houston area, we got off very lightly. A few people that we know had their homes flooded to a significant depth, and one couple we know also had a rental house and two of their vehicles flooded as well.

One day at a time...


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