Sep. 2nd, 2017

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Today we learned that Natalie's tenants returned to the house to find it undamaged, except for some small amount of moisture in the hallway leading to the bedrooms. I have not seen the damage firsthand, so I'm trying to figure out just how that moisture could have gotten there.

Over in Webster, we took removed the molding around the bottom of the sheet rock in the areas from where the carpet had been removed. The air smelled a lot cleaner today, but there was still something there. As we were taking the molding off, I happened to go out to the garage and noticed a convoy of Road & Bridge trucks coming down our dead-end street, apparently staging themselves to come back up the street. One of the guys with the trucks walked over to me and said they were going to pick up debris, but that I'd have to move ours a bit closer to the curb.

I needed no second invitation. The debris was moved in short order and the Road & Bridge crew picked it up.

That was truly sweet, as I had turned off garbage pickup at the house a while back.

I have been plagued with fatigue all day, in the form of wanting to sleep. I don't remember doing so, but Galina said I definitely got some z's in during the day.

I am part of the way through three translation assignments. There are no spectacular word counts to report, but I expect (based on an examination of the documents), that perhaps that will change after I finish the first assignment.



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